AlomWare Reset


Restart your PC in a twinkle


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When your computer's running slow and you want to restart it, sometimes the whole process can take too much time. AlomWare Reset helps you reset your computer in a really simple and fast way, so you won't need to use the traditional method ever again.

This program can close all open programs, end active processes, clear the clipboard and recent documents, and free up memory – in short, everything that happens when you restart your system, but without having to wait for it. Once you open AlomWare Reset, a message will appear to make sure you want to reset. (Don't forget to save your edits on documents and other files first so you don't lose any information.)

In short, this tool gives your computer all the benefits of a manual reset but without having to wait forever for the process to be completed. Your computer can recover its normal performance speed with just a click and in just a few seconds.
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